4 Reasons use content marketing to grow your business

4 Reasons use content marketing to grow your business

Written by Marc Parham, Small Business Expert, www.capbuildernetwork.com

Do you have questions about using content marketing to help market your business? Read this article that will give you great reasons to on how to start and use content marketing for your business regardless of the type of business you have.

  1. Content Is King!

More companies today are giving importance to content marketing. They’re allocating 32% or more of the budget set for content.

Companies that are successful in digital marketing are now spending a large portion of their marketing budgets on content marketing. Content on social, blog posts, emails, etc.

If you think that content marketing is the new kid on the business block, you’re wrong. In fact, it’s been around since 1895. In that year The Furrow, a magazine published by agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere, was released. Its goal was to help farmers have more fruitful harvests – with the aid of their products, of course.

By sending out articles about how to use the John Deere products in different ways to become more productive farmers, they increase their products sales and market share. Were they the only tractor company? Not at all, but they were the only one giving away free content on how to make more money with their products.

Modern marketers are responsible for crafting a consistent brand message across a wide variety of channels that can range from radio advertisements, YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts. The emergence of content marketing has also meant that fresh, engaging content is constantly required and it’s the marketer’s job to ensure that every message is on brand and related back to what the company wants customers to see it is.

  1. Your Content Has to Look Great!

Sensory experiences drive customer engagement and tell the story of your brand. The more pictures, graphics, videos, and audio you incorporate into your customer experiences, the higher the likelihood of successfully grabbing customer attention. As content marketing and digital campaigns take center stage, it is important for your entire enterprise to store and manage the growing volume of digital assets – in an organized way.

  1. Consistency is everything!

Creating and distributing valuable and relevant content provides you with the opportunity to drive traffic to your website and increase customer acquisition. Content marketing includes creating content pieces like: white papers, e-books, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, case studies, videos, plus a strategic content promotion plan. The last part is extremely important if you want content marketing to make an impact on your business. Creating great content is good, but if you’re not attracting any traffic to your content, you’ll be missing an opportunity to really benefit from the power of content marketing. For example, you can start by creating a social media content calendar to organize your content promotion plan.

Define your marketing strategies that will help achieve your goals. Strategies can include content marketing, social media, event marketing (both online and offline), networking, direct marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, public relations, and advertising.

This rift between goals and action for content marketers can be a big opportunity to get ahead of more than half of your competition. Doing it so is simple – just take the time to make a content calendar. A content calendar is “a shareable resource that marketing teams can use to plan all content marketing activity.” It helps you plan content around key events in your industry, reveals where you’re lacking material, and, most importantly, gives you enough time to write and publish your articles.

Similar to the action plan, the editorial calendar will set the schedule for what content needs to be produced and by when to support the action plan deliverables. This helps you achieve consistency in your content marketing efforts.

  1. Content marketing is an investment

If you are not using content marketing to reach your customers, you are truly missing out on increased revenue. Yes, it can be time-consuming. Yes, it will be hard to be consistent. The great news is that there are now companies that will do it for you. You give them the type of content; the frequency and they will handle it for you. Yes, there will be a cost for them to make it happen, but you have to say it is not how much it cost for them to do the work, it is how many customers are you not getting by having the work done.

Properly done, content marketing is an investment, not an expense!



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