7 Tips on making your brand work

Written by Marc Parham, Small Business
Expert, CAPBuilder Network Group,
Marcp@capbuildernetwork.com, www.capbuildernetwork.com

Branding yourself or your business online has become a very important marketing strategy. A great branding strategy will help your potential customers learn more about you, your business and the things you want to tell them about how special you really are.

This article will go over a few tips on how to use different branding techniques. 

1. Social Media is Social

Lift other voices up in your posts. Your personal brand is based off of all the interactions that you have with multiple people. Share their work in your feed as a way to engage and thank them. Give them a reason to thank you back.

Social media needs to be social. Take the time to do something every day. Support others’ career efforts by “liking” their job anniversaries or new gigs (or, even better, shoot off a personal message. Comment on articles posted by others to add your intelligent voice into the world.

2. Write a book

Clearly, writing a book is an effective way to demonstrate your expertise and build visibility. And if you look around at the highest profile experts in your field, chances are most of them have written one or more books. It does not have to be a New York Times best seller. It just needs to show that you really know about how your product or service will benefit your potential customer. There are many free sites where you can write and self-publish book. 

3. How you show up

Social media handles: If possible, make sure all of your social media handles are the same. If your name is too common, either find a new username or create separate public profiles that can be distinguished from your private ones. You want to stand out and be memorable to those that are following you. 

4. Create Videos 

It is now proven that implementing short videos in your marketing will increase the number of conversions. It used to be very complicated to create a video yourself.  You needed to go into a studio, hire an editor, and expand your hard drive to create and share a good-quality video. Today, you can get similar results yourself thanks to your cell phone, video editing software and YouTube. It is very easy to write a script and create a short explainer video that will help explain your product or service. A small number of high-quality videos will build your brand. Several mediocre videos may detract from it. Make your videos scream quality by focusing on the sound and lighting and what’s in the frame. And remember to practice. Quality will increase your video’s popularity and ensure your brand is seen in the most positive light.

5. Cross Pollinate Your Profiles 

Promote your profile elsewhere. If you maintain a personal branded Facebook or Twitter, create a few posts directing those audiences to your LinkedIn. Mention your profile in blog posts or a newsletter. Do a little bit of marketing each month to draw more people to your profile.

6. Use Keywords

Using the right keywords when creating and posting content will make the difference between that great content you created being seen or not seen. Asking questions on the web is how most people use the internet. It can be asking where a great pizza place is or finding someone to cut their yard. You must keep this in mind when uploading content file names to  anyplace on the web. If you have a short explainer video on how your landscaping service is better than all the rest, make sure the word landscaping is in the file name. This gives your video a higher probability of showing up in a google search when someone is searching for a landscape company.

7. Metrics Matter

it is all in the numbers. The only way you can know how they have worked for you is by reviewing the metrics. How many people actually clicked on your call to action or viewed your content. Make sure to use tools that will give you great reports on how your content is being viewed.


There is no one size fits all way to use branding.  You will have to figure out how you want to appear to your customers and the best methods of reaching them. This is done by trying different methods, tools and strategy’s. If this is not something that you really want to tackle, hire someone to do it for you. 

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