What is a Social Enterprise?

The United States The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) of the United States defines a “social enterprise” as “an organization or venture that advances its primary social or environmental mission using business methods.”[16] In the U.S, two distinct characteristics differentiate social enterprises from other types of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies: Social enterprises directly address socialContinue reading “What is a Social Enterprise?”

Survey Finds Future of Social Change

Economic crises, environmental challenges and political unrest around the world are constant themes in the news. Yet a new survey shows that Americans are doing more to address these and other social challenges. The results of a Walden University/Harris Interactive survey show that more than nine in 10 (92%) Americans have taken action to engageContinue reading “Survey Finds Future of Social Change”

6 Steps to Develop a Successful Program for Your Non-Profit

by Marc Parham Developing a new program for your non-profit? In order to get funding and implement a successful program you must develop a sound program plan. This development plan, will layout the important aspects of your program. The development of this plan will help you think through your ideas and make sure that youContinue reading “6 Steps to Develop a Successful Program for Your Non-Profit”