Why Use a Newsletter to Market Your Business?

by Marc Parham

Why should you use an E-Newsletter to market your business? Sending E-Newsletter has become one of the most utilized ways of marketing any type of business. It has become the foundation of most marketing plans today. This article will give you 5 basic reasons why you should consider using this method.


Reason 1 – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Customer loyalty has become very difficult to maintain. If you do not keep your name in front of your current customers, they will forget about you as soon as they receive information on another potentially less expensive product. You have to use methods to remind them that you are there ready to serve them.

Reason 2 – Low Cost – High Impact

Creating and sending online newsletters is one of the most inexpensive ways to get your message to your current and future customers. The majority of people do everything online, why shouldn’t you. You can sign up with online E-Marketing sites that will charge you either by how many messages you send or how many email addresses you store on their site.

Reason 3 – Keep Them Informed!

By sending out a regular newsletter you can keep your customers better informed about your products and services. You can inform them about special events, offers and new products that you are promoting. You can add coupons and other special promotional items.

Reason 4 – Learn More About Your Customers!

Who are your customers? Once you establish regular communications you can start to ask your customers for information. How do they feel about your business? What other services are they looking for? When is their birthday or anniversary? You will use this information to better serve them making their experience with you more enjoyable.

Reason 5 – Drive traffic to your web site

Want to drive traffic to your website? A well written newsletter will do the trick. If your newsletter is informative and easy to read your customers will go to your website to learn more about your business. This is where they will find out more detailed information about your products and services. You can display your products, pricing and other to help your client make a decision. If you have an internet merchant account like PayPal, your customer can order the product and pay online.


E-Newsletters are easy to create and manage all online. It will become a very important marketing tool for your business. If you would like more information or would like help getting this started, please click on the links below to either contact us with a question or answer a few questions about your business.

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