9 Entrepreneurship Principles You Shouldn’t Forget

By Pratik Dholakiya March 10, 2013 In Startup Trends Businesses fail all the time. SBA likes to throw statistics at you such as a 95% failure rate within a year of operation and so on. (But see the definitive small business failure rates.) The reasons as to why businesses fail can be many. Here’s whatContinue reading “9 Entrepreneurship Principles You Shouldn’t Forget”

What is a Social Enterprise?

The United States The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) of the United States defines a “social enterprise” as “an organization or venture that advances its primary social or environmental mission using business methods.”[16] In the U.S, two distinct characteristics differentiate social enterprises from other types of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies: Social enterprises directly address socialContinue reading “What is a Social Enterprise?”

Resources for Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Programs & Initiatives for You SBA Direct SBA Direct is a new dynamic Web tool that allows users to personalize their experience on SBA.gov. Just by answering a few simple questions about your business, SBA Direct brings the targeted resources you need to start, operate and grow your small business – directly to your desktop.Continue reading “Resources for Small Business & Entrepreneurs”

10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Business

BY ALINA DIZIK Giving up the security of a full-time job to start your own business is a risky, often stressful move. “The biggest reason people don’t end up quitting is the fear of uncertainty. They don’t know what might happen and they don’t want to give up the security that they already have,” saysContinue reading “10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Business”

8 Ways to Come Up With a Business Idea

BY JANE PORTER | January 15, 2013| The start of the year is a great time to gear up to start a business. But, of course, you first need to figure out a winning concept. “You have to come up with a lot of ideas to be successful,” says Stephen Key, cofounder of the websiteContinue reading “8 Ways to Come Up With a Business Idea”

4 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Up

By Adam Toren|March 7, 2013 You could probably tick off an infinite number of excuses for why starting up now isn’t ideal. The U.S. unemployment rate remains stubbornly high, at nearly 8 percent. Moody’s recently downgraded the UK’s credit rating. U.S. businesses are keeping fewer inventories on hand. And the federal government could shut down at theContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Up”

7 Steps to Writing a Basic Business Plan

Writing a business plan? You have an idea or a product that everyone says “You should start a business and sell your product”. “You can be your own boss and make money” or “This is great! People really need this”. Yes, you can write this yourself. After all who knows you and your idea betterContinue reading “7 Steps to Writing a Basic Business Plan”