• Writing A Grant Proposal – The 6 Main Sections

    The basic grant proposal has 6 core sections. These sections will need to be in the proposal regardless of the size of the grant, a grant from a foundation or from the federal government. The persons reviewing the grant will look for the information in these sections to help them determine if they will fundContinue… Read more

  • Board Fundraising Whose Responsibility Is It?

    Written by Claudette G. Baker How many times have you heard board members say “I don’t fundraise.”  It’s the statement that makes board chairs, executive directors and development directors cringe at the very thought.  The interpretation of the sentiment expressed is often misunderstood and translated as a board member shirking their responsibility.  According to BoardSource’s,Continue… Read more

  • Financial Literacy for the Long Term

    Financial Literacy for the Long Term: To ensure a strong future, nonprofits need to close the gaps in their fiscal knowledge. From Philanthropy MattersUntil recently, the financial focus of midsize nonprofits was simply to break even. That focus has shifted, changing the ways nonprofits operate and placing greater emphasis on nonprofits’ financial knowledge—and gaps in that knowledge.Continue… Read more

  • Are You a Good Board Member?

    Written by Claudette G. Baker Let’s assume the nonprofit board you are currently serving on did everything right to get you to agree to serve on their board.  That means in the recruitment process expectations – the 3Ts (time, talent, treasure) or 3Ws (work, wisdom, wealth) were covered in detail.  You said “yes” because youContinue… Read more

  • Community Giving & The Benifits of Non-Profit Status

    By Lori Riggs It is annual charitable giving campaign season and if your group has 501(c) (3) non-profit status, you may be eligible to register with local charitable agencies.  Organizations, such as the United Way, post “Public Notices” in newspapers or on web media seeking charitable, voluntary, health, education and welfare organizations with a 501(c)Continue… Read more

  • Keep It Local

    Submitted by Lori Riggs There is a current push in the retail and business world to “buy local”.  Have you considered seeking local funds from community philanthropists or service groups?  Seeking local funds and small grants as a means of sustainability may be one key to survival.  While it’s always good to think BIG, oneContinue… Read more