The CAPbuilder Network Launches the website. Marc Parham the creator of the CAPbuilder Network has over 30 years of help people start and grow their businesses. The one major thing he has noticed is that people have trouble writing the very needed business plan. The major issue expressed by every business owner is that they open the tool or template they are using to write the plan and they draw a blank. A big blank. They are looking at each of the business plan headings and have trouble creating the content for each section.

The free website helps the business owner create the content for the business plan. Content that can be used in whatever business plan tool is being used to create the plan.

The site has downloadable applications in the major areas needed to write a complete business plan.

  • Evaluating Your Business Idea
  • Writing Your Business Plan
  • Building Your Brand
  • Getting Your Business Funded

Each application contains surveys that will help you ask and answer the right questions. The survey results are sent to the business owner and/or the business coach to be used to develop the plan.

The site also offers cost-effective one-on-one coaching that can be used on an as-needed basis to answer questions, review, and help the business owner with completing the plan.

Go to today to write that business plan for that great business idea.