Building your brand, written by Marc Parham

Your Brand, It’s emotional. A strong brand story is all about stimulating emotion and empathy. It’s not just about what you do but how you affect people. Sure, your software may automate emails, but it’s ultimately making people’s lives easier and stress-free. That’s the emotional hook of the story.

Your Message

Consider the messaging you are putting out. Make your message is personable, make it enjoyable. A little bit of digging about candidate’s interests and shared values, hobbies, articles, etc. can be the key to getting that coveted response. The brevity of your message, focusing on the areas that interest the candidate all are powerful branding points.

Using Social Media

Billions of people around the world use social media to share information and make connections. On a personal level, social media allows you to communicate with friends and family, learn new things, develop your interests, and be entertained. On a professional level, you can use social media to broaden your knowledge in a particular field and build your professional network by connecting with other professionals in your industry. At the company level, social media allows you to have a conversation with your audience, gain customer feedback, and elevate your brand.


 During brand definition, it’s essential you build a positioning strategy. Your positioning and brand go hand-in-hand, so they must work in sync. If the positioning statement is not aligned with the brand, the mismatch in your marketing efforts will reveal itself to customers, wiping out the benefits of consistency in your brand strategy. Moreover, ensuring this synergy allows you to create strong brand positioning.

You know what they say. Keep your friends close – keep your competition closer.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is specifically done for SEO, though even if you don’t plan on investing heavily in an independent SEO campaign, it’s worth doing. Here, your goal is to uncover various keywords and keyword phrases that might serve as good targets for content topics. Keywords, as they exist in SEO, have changed dramatically over the past several years, but they still serve an important role. Rather than stuffing high-traffic keywords into your content, over and over, you’ll be using these keywords as the basis for your article topics, in rotation, to help you better meet the needs of your target audience. I won’t dig too far into keyword research here, as that warrants a full guide in itself, so suffice it to say your research should examine two qualities in detail: the search volume and the level of competition.

Your Personal Brand

We all have personal brands and most of us have already left a digital footprint, whether we like it or not. Proper social media use highlights your strengths that may not shine through in an interview or application and gives the world a broader view of who you are.

Your Business Brand

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges you will face will be building your brand. The ultimate goal is to set your company and your brand apart from the crowd. If you form a strategy without doing the research, your brand will barely float – and at the speed industries move at today, brands sink fast.


Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. I can work with you to establish the right brand.

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