4 Steps to use digital marketing for your business.

Written by Marc Parham, Small Business Expert, www.smallbusinessvida.com, www.marcparham.com

Easily reach your prospects with business email and  email marketing services. Send professional, effective email campaigns to a targeted list of prospects. 

Step 1 – Target your customer

Targeted email campaigns are still one the most cost effective online marketing strategies out there. Identify who your customer is and create a strategy to focus on them.

Step 2 – Define your Strategy

Define your marketing strategies that will help achieve your goals. Strategies can include content marketing, social media, event marketing (both online and offline), networking, direct marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, public relations and advertising.

It will take all of these strategies working together to build an effective digital media marketing plan.

Step 3 – Find a marketing  tool

Once you have an email marketing tool in place (many are inexpensive or even free), experiment with emailing out newsletters (with your sleek new blog posts), and other promotions to your database. We know small business owners don’t have tons of free time to devote to digital marketing, so consider using marketing automation to make this process even easier for yourself.

Step 3 – Track the effectiveness

It is very important that you track and analyze how effective your email marketing campaigns are.  Understand your customers and boost your sales quickly based on statistics.

Email marketing for small business owners is an important but tricky business. Great content doesn’t guarantee that recipients will open your email. There are, however, ways to improve audience engagement, open rates, and conversions.

If you need help developing a strategy go to  www.meetwithmarc.com and schedule a free virtual coaching session.




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