Reasons to Use Online Surveys to Market Your Business

How will using online surveys help you market your business? The more we know about our customers the better we can serve them. How can we learn more about them without talking to every customer? An Online Survey, that’s how!

This article will give show you the basics about using online surveys and why you should use them.


More Information, More Information, More Information

Every bit of information that you have about your customers that your competitors do not will help you keep that customer. For example if you have your customer’s birthday or anniversary date, you can send them a special invitation or offer to get them to come to your business. A simple “customer information survey” can help you get this information.


Make it easy!

Doing surveys can be as simple as leaving survey form at the check out counter or different places in your business. If you have their email addresses you can email them an online survey. Just remember to ask only a few questions that are easy to answer. You might even consider offering a discount or something else to encourage them to fill it out.


What type of questions?

Be careful of the types of questions that you ask. We have become very afraid of identity theft. Only ask questions that generally can be answered Yes or No or On a scale of 1 to 5. Ask more questions about how they feel about your business. You can ask for personal information a little at a time. You may also ask all the questions that you have and show that the questions are optional. They will get the discount or special regardless of answering all questions.


How to do it online?

If you are already doing an E-newsletter, most sites do offer the ability to add short surveys to your newsletter. If not, there are many other free online survey sites that you can sign-up for. Remember, that the free sites will generally want to put ads on your survey to market other products. The list below contains some of the online survey sites that are the most popular.



Do not overload your customers with questions! Keep the surveys short. 5 to 7 questions at a time. It should not take more than 15 to 20 seconds for anyone to complete the survey. It you do have a long survey, make sure to include the fact in the instructions before they start taking it.

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